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I am definitely not a gym fanatic, clearly!, but I do enjoy working out. I also like to go out on my bike, and try and do between 4-8 miles each time, depending on the time I have available. In the gym - I use The Gym Group gym at Sunbury Cross, which is great because its open 24 hours so is never really busy - I like to mix it up a bit and don't always stick to "leg day" "arm day" etc. I don't even always do standard cardio like the stationary bike or rowing machine. I never run anymore as my right knee is just not up to it. I also have to consider how my neck is feeling each time I go, if its really painful I don't tend to do weight machines that work out shoulders and arms.

I always always do some sort of squats. I recently did a squat challenge that I found online which was great. It was the 30 Day Squat Challenge from squat.com, after I finished I looked for another challenge but this was the best one! So I will start it over again after my holiday.

I usually do 3 sets of 10 standard, then the same in curtsey, using the rack like the video above, weighted (holding a heavy dumbell or kettlebell) or a couple of other types. I try to get as low as possible.

After squats I quite often do walking lunges with a side twist using a heavy dumbell, some other leg exercises on the mat, sometimes using ankle weights to up the intensity. Then some core exercises.

I will usually then do at least 3 sets of 10 reps on the leg press around 80-100kgs. After this I will alternate between arm and leg machines unless I am having a bad day with my neck, in which case I will just do leg machines and 10 minutes on the stationary bike or the rowing machine. I will always lower any weights I'm using if I have a bad neck day as I don't want to put more strain on it, but I don't want to stop working out.

Whatever I do in the gym I just try to keep moving and changing what I'm doing so that it helps weight loss, toning and muscle building. I don't want big bulging muscles but I want to be strong and have good definition and so I need to work at doing all three.

I applaud anyone who gets out there and gets exercising, no matter what their experience level, or what they do. It's often not easy to find the time or energy!

Any tips or exercise recommendations always welcome!


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