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Winter Skin Care

Every year as the temperature begins to drop my skin starts to rebel and dry out. Not just my face but weirdly my legs as well?! The worst of the dry skin, however, is at the sides of my nose just in the creases beside my nostrils. The skin here get very dry and sore, as does the skin around my eyebrows. I recently began to research how to best take care of my winter skin, in my new quest to slow the hands of time and keep a (hopefully) youthful appearance.

Step 1 - Cleanse

Following my research I am starting with a soap-free cleanser I absolutely love Estee Lauder’s Nutritious Micro-Algae Pore Purifying Cleansing Jelly (125ml £21 available at Debenhams, ASOS, Selfridges among others). The product description for this is: This is a cleansing gel that removes make-up particles and impurities and leaves skin feeling soft, supple and fresh. Gentle, non-frying formula.

The reason for using a soap free cleanser/face wash is to prevent the skin drying out after use, you know how sometimes after using a face wash the skin can feel a bit tight? With a soap free cleanser this shouldn’t happen.

Step 2 - Exfoliate

Don’t Stop exfoliating. It might seem to make more sense to put a hold on this step until after winter, but actually including some gentle exfoliation every few days. This will help to get rid of a build up of dead skin cells that could be stopping the moisturising products from getting through to the skin that needs them most.

I am trying out La Roche-Posay Ultra Fine Scrub Sensitive Skin (50ml £10 available at laroche-posay.co.uk)

Step 3 - Tone

Another tip I have come across is to keep using toner (I actually don’t use one all the time, just usually when I am suffering with a lot of breakouts, and then using it as an extra step to really cleanse my skin and get rid of every last but of make-up and dirt). The trick in winter is to apply serum or moisturiser to the skin while it is still damp from the toner. The reasoning behind this is that the skin is better at absorbing active ingredients whilst it is damp rather than dry. The exception to this is when applying a Retinoid - you should still wait 20-30 minutes after toner application.

The toner I would usually use is NAOBAY Calming Face Toner (200ml £13.50 at lookfantastic.com), applying to face with cotton wool pads or balls. This is a gentle formula with Chamomile, which tones soothes and leaves skin clear, smooth and refined.

But I am currently testing two different brands of glow tonics - Pixi Glow Tonic by Pixi Beauty and is available at www.pixibeauty.co.uk I just got the mini bottle and that was £5 for 15ml, and Lacura Healthy Glow available at Aldi in-store - it is currently out of stock on www.aldi.co.uk and is priced at £3.99 for 250ml. So look out for the blog on this, I am testing them one on each side of my face for a month to see how they perform on my skin.

Step 4 - Serum

Serums. I go between two different serums at the moment, Aromatica Rose Absolute First Serum (130ml £34 at buttermilkskincare.com) and Superdrug Vitamin C Booster (30ml £4.99 at superdrug.com).

The Aromatica serum is really lovely and luxurious. It smells divine, the product description is that this serum is highly concentrated enriched with Bulgarian rosa damascena oil and formulated with 79% organic aloe vera, helping to protect and restore balance of the skin. It is also anti-aging so gets my vote! Aromatica products are Vegan and Organic.

The Superdrug Vitamin C Booster serum is so fresh and smells amazing. According to the product description it contains Kakadu Plum which has the highest known concentration of Vitamin C of any food on the planet. Vitamin C can help protect the skin from the effects of aging, being necessary for the production and maintenance of collagen. Again – gets my vote! This is a really light formula that sinks in to the skin easily. It is also suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

After applying serum I use my Jade roller – this is a beauty tool that is said to aid blood circulation, reduce under-eye puffiness and help products absorb more easily in to the skin. It is also alleged that Jade rollers help to tone and firm the face.
I keep mine in the fridge as I find this really helps reduce puffiness and feels amazing on the skin (especially if you are feeling really tired).

Step 5 - Moisturise

Now for the moisturiser. In the last year or so I have tried 3 different moisturisers that I really love. First up is Trilogy Rosehip Vital Moisturising Cream (50ml £25.50 lookfantastic.com). I use this one most in the winter along with the Aromatica Rose Serum as it is a lovely rich formula, with Rosapene ™, marula and orange flower. It promises to renew and rejuvenate, being hydrating and fast-absorbing, for all skin types. Rosapene ™ is the brands complex – a blend of essential fatty acid-rich Rosehip and Cranberry Seed oils, combined with antioxidants from Tomato Seed and Acai Berry Oils.

Second is Clinique Moisture Surge Intense Skin Fortifying Hydrator (50ml £36 at Clinique.co.uk) I actually bought a 15ml mini pot from ASOS but I can’t find it on the website in this size anymore, but I will definitely be getting the full size when this one runs out. It is a gel moisturiser that almost instantly sinks into the skin and leaves it feeling hydrated and soft. It promises to quickly deliver long-lasting hydration to skin, which it totally does! With continued use it helps improve skins natural moisture barrier with lipids and fatty acids.

The third moisturiser is the Superdrug Vitamin C Gel Moisturiser (75ml £4.99 at superdrug.com). As with the other products in this range from Superdrug this smells amazing and so fresh. It absorbs really quickly in to the skin and leaves it feeling soft, smooth and hydrated. I like this and the Clinique equally as they are very similar types of products.

The Superdrug one is a more budget friendly product, but in my opinion just as good as the pricier Clinique option.

Step 6 - SPF

As part of my morning skincare routine I always use an spf before I put any make up on, or just after moisturising if I am not wearing make-up. My favourite, and first choice, is my Neutrogena Age Shield Face SPF110 Lotion. This is a broad spectrum lotion which means it will protect against UVA and UVB rays, and can protect up to 6 layers of skin against skin ageing UVA rays (available from www.neutrogena.co.uk). I also use a new one that I just got as a sample in my Tili beauty box (available from www.qvc.com), it is Ultrasun Face SPF30, and is again UVA & UVB protection and has a non-greasy formula which is great if applying before makeup. It is also good for sensitive skin.

Additional Step - Face Mask

Face Masks – we all know I love a face mask! I think once a week is plenty often enough, but that is my personal opinion based on how my skin is. If I am going out out then I will use one before my makeup, even if I have already done one that week. My current favourites are Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask (64g £42 at cultbeauty.co.uk). This is a hydrating cream mask, apply a visible layer to the skin and leave for a minimum of 10 minutes. It really wakes the skin up, leaving it hydrated and dewy.

And Garnier Skin Active Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask Super Hydrating Glow Revealing Mask (Sakura Extract – pink and white packaging. £2.99 at boots.com). This tissue mask is probably my all-time favourite, it leaves my skin feeling plump, hydrated and glowy more than anything else I have used. It is my go to product when my skin is in need of a boost. Product description for this mask is that this tissue mask is infused with an intense glow-boosting formula enriched with sakura extract (cherry blossom) and hyaluronic acid, a powerful hydrating active capable of retaining 1000x its weight in water. I 100% recommend this mask, and others in the range – they are all good this is just my personal favourite.

I hope you have enjoyed reading and watching this blog as much as I enjoyed writing and filming it!

I have another blog coming up related to this one – Pixi Glow Tonic vs Lacura Healthy Glow so keep an eye out for this!


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