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What I ate this week....

I do try to stick to healthy and good food choices most days. I work from home a lot of the time so it is easier for me to stick to this than when I was office based.

I am on week 8 of my no crisps and pastry vow, which is really quite easy now. But, not going to lie, I am looking forward to having a nice packet of crisps when I am on the plane in a couple of weeks! Cutting these out has helped keep me on track with making better food choices, which is great, and I don't think I will have a problem giving them up again in the future.

This week I started off with pink grapefruit and a yoghurt with added Bifidobacterium cultures, I have this quite often as it is quick and healthy. Mid morning snack was a small handful of peanuts and cashews. Lunch was 2 Poached eggs and mushrooms with 1 slice of 50/50 toast. I didn't have an afternoon snack as I wasn't hungry and time just got away from me. Dinner was chicken and chorizo paella with a side of edamame beans, peas and a few black olives. This was delicious!

Tuesday I did an early morning workout so had a good breakfast of eggs and tomatoes on 1 slice of 50/50 toast and a cup of jasmine green tea. Yummy and filling. Mid morning snack was a kiwi fruit. I recently read that there is more potassium in 1 kiwi than there is in a banana, which is handy as I hate banana's!

Lunch was a bit of a mish mash - smashed avocado with lime juice, salt, pepper and chili flakes with some Chinese flavoured pork, and a yoghurt. Afternoon snack was a small handful of peanuts and cashews. For dinner I had paella again, this time chicken, chorizo and prawn.

Wednesday I had a day out with my lovely friends and all of our children (9 of us girls and 22 kids!). So although I had packed a picnic I knew I would probably have a few treats and most deifnitely be eating out. My picnic for myself and Gracie was Chinese flavoured pork, mango and chili chicken, egg mayo sandwhich, crackers and cream cheese, kiwi's, grapes, houmous and pringles (I didn't eat these). I did eat some biscuits that my friends had, and a couple of bite size millionaire shortcakes but no crisps, fizzy drinks or ice-creams, and I said no to the brownie bites which was really difficult! The only place we could find that was a decent distance from the beach for us to all go and be seated to have dinner was a fish and chip restaurant. Not a lot of healthy options on the menu, so I had a portion of scampi, which was a real treat because I love it. I didn't eat the chips that came with the scampi as I didn't like them, but if they hadn't of tasted weird I would have eaten around half the portion. I also ordered a portion of mushy peas but only had about a tablespoon of those, I think I ordered them out of habit and actually didn't enjoy them as I would have done before. I was tempted to have a glass of wine with dinner but stuck to diet coke as this was the only "healthy" drink option as I didn't want to drink tap water. No pictures of the food today but here are my friend and most of our children! Just 3 of them missing!

Breakfast on Thursday was a pink grapefruit and a yoghurt again, as although I was hungry I woke up late as so tired from the beach day! I had this with a cup of Tetley Super Green Tea Immune with Vitamin C in Tropical, which is really nice - and even better when made as iced green tea! This was followed by one of my Emergen-C orange flavour sachet drinks.

No mid-morning snack today as I was pretty busy. For lunch I had Thai green curry and pilau rice and a pint of water, followed by a peach. No afternoon snack as I was still full from lunch, and for dinner I had a tin of pea & mint soup as I wanted something quick, easy and small.

Friday I worked out in the morning so I followed that with a big breakfast poached egg, ham and avocado with a slice of 50/50 toast. We were visiting a friend who took us out for an amazing lunch at Parade Tearooms on Southsea Common. I had an all day breakfast stack! delicious but not very healthy. And a slice of pavlova with fresh fruit in the afternoon, which was mouthwatering! No dinner for me as still full from the days treats.

Saturday I had scrambled egg on toast for breakfast after working out. Then for lunch I had a Subway half a turkey and guacamole wrap with tomatoes and jalapenos and half a rotisserie chicken wrap with lettuce, tomatoes and olives, no pics as I forgot my phone! My husband and I had half and half of each others wraps. We do this quite a lot when we go out! For dinner I had cod and chips, again naughty but I burnt dinner and we had nothing else that would be a quick cook for dinner. I followed this with yoghurt and blueberries.

Sunday we were so busy doing lots of clean up in the house, going to the tip etc that I had egg on toast - fried with frylight - for breakfast and then nothing until dinner when I had pea and mint soup with a slice of bread. Then a handful of cashews for a snack later on.

I try to drink at least 2-3 cups of green tea every day, and a litre of water as a minimum. Water intake is the hardest thing for me to increase as I just don't like it, and don't drink very much in general. I don't drink tea or coffee and very rarely drink fizzy drinks. I don't drink alcohol very often but enjoy a wide variety of drinks when I do! Wine, prosecco, champers, G&T, cocktails - all favourites of mine! I also enjoy a bottle of beer here and there. The only thing I never drink is cider, I cannot stand it!

So my daily diet isn't the best but isn't the worst. I know I could do better but I also have a life to live and a busy one at that most of the time. I would love to prepare everything from scratch for every meal, every day but a lot of the time this is just not possible. I have done this in the past but I find that other things suffer because of it, or life takes over and plans change out of my control and food gets wasted. I am making an effort at improving my and my family's lifestyle and it won't happen over night or in one big go, so for now I am happy with how things are.

If you have any tips on how to change things, or any really great healthy recipes please share!


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