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Weekly Recommendations - Week 6

Number 1

Amazon Echo, £89.99 available at www.amazon.co.uk and other sites.

This was a bit of an impulse buy if I’m honest, but I love it! I had looked in to the various Amazon Devices a while back and had thought about getting an Echo Show, all singing all dancing device but they were not yet available at the time (launch date 11th Oct) and pretty priced at £219.99 so I shelved the idea. But then 2 weeks ago saw the Echo and thought I would go for it. It looked to have lots of good points and I’m really glad I went for it now. And maybe the Echo Show will come some time next year!

I have to say my favourite thing so far about the Echo is that I can just randomly shout at Alexa to add something to my shopping list and she just does it straight away! And there it is on my shopping list in my Amazon Alexa App!

There are loads of features with the Echo, some of them being:

~ Plays so much music, you can even link to your Spotify account.

~ Plays Audible Books – this is great for me as I use the Audible App/Site a lot

~ Set reminders

~ Ask Alexa what is in your calendar

~ Add to Shopping List (you need the Amazon Alexa App)

~ Add to To Do List (You need the Amazon Alexa App)

~ Ask weather forecast

~ Set Timers

~ Add to Amazon Shopping Basket, check status of order(s), find out what is in Amazon basket

~ You can also play games, ask Alexa to tell a joke and sing a song!

~ Find out the news

~ Ask questions

~ Play relaxing sounds like thunderstorm which really helps aid sleep!

~ You can even make calls to your family/friends who also have a device!

Amazon Echo www.amazon.co.uk £89.99

We have been using the Echo pretty much every day and I am sure will definitely be adding other devices to our home from the Amazon Devices range! (I really want some lightbulbs so that I can voice control the lights! So cool, I am such a geek!). Literally one of my favourite things to do is get Alexa to play Thunderstorm sounds when we go to bed, its so relaxing! There are lots of skills available and you can use the Amazon Alexa app to look in to them and learn about how to use them.

Number 2

Aroma Electric Melt Burner/Warmer, £10.82 available at www.amazon.co.uk

We pretty much always have candles burning in this house, but we go through soooo many! I thought I would give wax burners a go. I went straight to Amazon, like I do for most things! I found this pretty Aroma Electric Melt Burner/Warmer, and got 2 – one for living room and one for my bedroom. There are lots of different makes and designs but I likes this white one, as no matter how we decorate white will still go, and they are a great price. I decided to go with electric burner instead of tea-light burners as I have actually melted a round spot on my windowsill in the past using a burner with a tea light in it!

I am so impressed with these burners, they look really nice, the light is a soft glow and they melt the melts quickly. I bought Yankee melts and they fit perfectly, no over-spill.

When I want to change out the wax melt, I clean the burner by melting the reaming wax and then dropping a couple of cotton wool pads in to the burner (after I have switched it off - safety first), then once the liquid wax has soaked up I make sure to wipe it all clean then pop in a new melt. So easy!

Aroma Electric Melt Burner/Warmer, www.amazon.co.uk £10.82

Number 3

Yankee Candle Wax Melts, Mixed Set of 10. £9.23 available at www.amazon.co.uk

I purchased these wax melts at the same time as the electric burners, they were a recommended product and instead of searching through what I am sure would have been hundreds of options I went for these. The scents included are: Warm Desert Wind, Mango Peach Salsa, Misty Mountains, Vanilla, Tropical Jungle, Coconut Splash, Midnight Jasmine, Black Cherry, Jelly Bean and Christmas Memories.

We are currently using Warm Desert Wind and Mango Peach Salsa, I really like both of them and the scents are still going strong and plently of wax left after 8 days use.

I recently found a wax melt company via Instagram Peace Company Home Fragrance and I bought a couple of seasonal wax melt pots for myself and a perfume dupe pot for a friend and they are probably my favourite wax melts ever! The festive fragrances were Vanilla Bean Noel and Winter Wonderland, which was my favourite and just made the house smell like Christmas! The lady at Peace Company is so friendly and really helpful, I highly recommend this company - go check it out and follow!

Number 4

Remington Curl Revolution. £49.99-£89.99 available at www.argos.co.uk, www.boots.com and others.

I’ve had this amazing hair tool for quite a while now but it is so brilliant I had to share! For someone, like me, who has A LOT of hair and long hair at that, this is great. I did use an ordinary wand to curl my hair before I came across the Curl Revolution but it just made my arms ache and took forever. I also tried a Carmen Glamour Styler, which sort of sucks your hair in to a twisting chamber and using heat curls the hair – but I had quite a few mishaps with this one, getting not only my own hair tangled and stuck but my daughters as well! But the Curl Revolution doesn’t suck the hair in and I am not sure that you can even get your hair stuck in it, but I definitely haven’t. You section your hair, place the hair into the gap in the wand, as high or low down the hair section as you want depending on how you are styling it, and then move the little “button/slide” at the base of the barrel. You can twist the hair clockwise or anticlockwise. The hair then twirls around and within a few seconds’ you have beautifully curled or waved hair! I can do my hair in half the time it took me using a regular wand which is perfect. I especially love using this on a spur of the moment and just curling the ends for a bit of movement.

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