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Un-boxing February Latest in Beauty Box

I am a huge fan of beauty boxes, but I do feel that every now and then the products aren't s good so I give them a break. Then I see posts online of these amazing products and I buy them again!!

The February Latest in Beauty box is probably the best box I have ever had. You do choose the products yourself, unlike other boxes where you don't know what you are getting until you open the box. I went for the 9 item box which is £18 if you are buying as a one off. You can get a discounted price if you are signing up for 6 or 12 months. I personally only pay one off's when I like the products on offer otherwise I will just be wasting money.

So I uploaded my un-boxing video on to my YouTube channel (what sally did), but I have also added it below. I really hope you enjoy watching and please do take a look at my channel and subscribe!

I have added the products and websites you can check out and buy them from.

The actual products I received were worth over £70!!! so for £18 it was so worth it. I am planning on popping a few of the products in a future giveaway. So stayed tuned to my blog, my insta (@whatsallydid) and my YT channel for info on this!


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