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Every week I will be sharing things I recommend, it could be make-up, home products, books, food, clothes, films, places to visit and more!

First on my list this week is my Dyson Hairdryer. Now this is a pricey item but, in my opinion, totally worth the money. After heavy bleaching and using a very old hairdryer that was way too hot, my hair was pretty much unmanageable the ends were like cotton wool and i could barely get a brush through it. My old hairdryer was burning my hair and it was in terrible condition. The Dyson was recommended to me by my lovey friend Sarah B who swears by it. I borrowed hers and my hair dried in record time, the temperature and speed controls are great and can be changed to suit your hair and drying style. My husband wasn't exactly sold when I told him how much they are, but with promises of me doing my hair more often he agreed I should try it. I have been using the Dyson for about a month and my hair is less frizzy and beautifully smooth and glossy after drying - also helped by regular trims from my amazing best friend/hairdresser Donna and my Percy & Reed Wonder Oil+ which can be used on wet hair for styling or left in as a treatment, it is so good!

As I said the Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer is expensice (£299.99) but I love it. They are available directly from www.dyson.co.uk/hair-care I got mine from www.currys.co.uk but they are available from other sites.

Next on the list is a new purchase - Make-up, my favourite! I recently made 2 orders from www.beautybay.com as they had sale on Morphe, due the the brand being discontinued on the website. Along with some eyeshadow palettes, lashes and other bits I got some new highlighters. I think this is my new obsession, i have bought quite a few recently, but in my defence they are all different.....Anyway the new Morphe highlighters I got are beautiful, BOOM and LIT. Boom is a gorgeous bronze-y mauve-y brown, which seems dark for a highlighter but it goes on and its all in the name: BOOM. Its just gorgeous. Then there is Lit which is a lovely gold champagne colour with an amazing sheen and those cheekbones are just LIT right up. I purchased the Morphe R31 brush to apply these with and its a great fluffly highlight brush.These products are still available on www.morphe.com BOOM £14, LIT £14 R31 Highlight Definer Brush £7

My next recommendation is this air/room wick freshener from Aldi in Lotus Flower fragrance. I bought it yesterday for our WC and honestly it smells so good. It says up to 8 weeks fragrance, will report back on this. I'm going to go back and get one for our bathroom which is separate to the toilet. Great price too at 95p.

More next week! x

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