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The Big B.....Botox

For the last 12-18 months I have really been thinking hard about having some small skincare procedures - Botox, Laser and Lip Enhancement. This is partly because of vanity but mostly because I am unhappy with how my face is holding up with the aging process. I have a lot of pigmentation due to too much sun exposure, which I would like to have lasered for a more even look. My top lip has slowly begun to shrink, which I am unhappy about as I have always liked my pout! I can disguise this with clever makeup tricks but I don't wear makeup all the time, so I am looking in to lip fillers.

The biggest one for me is Botox. There is so much negativity and controversy surrounding Botox, and often it is only the "bad" that is reported on and talked about. But it is not all bad, the results can be amazing and - yes! - natural! I am not looking to freeze my face and look like my 20 year old self. I am not even having my forehead treated. This year I have really started to notice my crows feet getting more and more pronounced, I can't complain really I suppose, I mean I am 38 and only just starting to notice them! I don't smoke (not for maybe 15 years, and even then I was a "social smoker", a couple of menthol cigarettes every now and then), so this along with taking extra care with sun protection over the last few years has probably helped keep the wrinkles at bay.

But there they are creeping in ever more, and I do not like them. I am not happy or comfortable with them, and if I can do something to improve the appearance of them I am going to do it. It is not something to jump into lightly, it needs research and total confidence that this is the right thing for you as an individual.

So I have been umming and aahing for the last 6 months, not over whether to get it done but where to get it done. In the end I saw an advert for a Botox training course that required models. Well everyone has to start somewhere, so even thought the therapist administering my treatment was in training, she would be fully supervised by a qualified professional trainer. So I get a good deal, and the therapist gets qualification experience. Win Win right?!

The company I booked through was Derma Pro Training (www.dermaprotraining.co.uk) and they were really professional and friendly. I answered an extensive questionnaire when booking and was asked the questions again when I arrived for my treatment. The trainer (head trainer/company director) Amanda went through the questions with me and advised that the therapist is already highly qualified in skin care and is now training in Botox. She talked through every step of the treatment with the therapist and had a good hands on/hands off approach, so guiding the therapist when needed.

The treatment was very quick and painless and I was given after care advice - don't lay down for 4 hours, keep using facial muscles and try not to apply makeup for 24 hours.

The results of the treatment take around 3 days to show, and up to 2 weeks for full results.

Day 1 - Treatment Day.

I took a video of my crows feet before and after treatment. A few little blood spots but nothing major. No pain, no side effects.

Day 2 - No side effects, no bruising or headaches. A slight feeling of heaviness when lifting my cheeks. No visible change.

Day 3 - Some definite reduction of lines - so happy to start seeing results!

Day 5 - Pretty much same as day 3, definite reduction of lines especially on right side.

Day 6 - Lines almost all gone when smiling, and skin completely smooth on right and much improved on left when not smiling.

Day 8 - Full effects showing, I am pretty much line free around side of my eyes.

I am so so pleased with the results and am 100% glad that I went for it, I will continue to have Botox and am looking forward to trying other treatments as well - mainly lip and tear trough filler. So look out for these blogs next year!

Botox and any other treatment is obviously not for everyone, and you should only go ahead with it if it is what you want, not what anyone else is telling you to do. Research, research, research! Look in to the pro's and con's and don't rush in to anything.

Hope you enjoyed this post!


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