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The big 4-0, coming up fast

How I am feeling about approaching this next milestone and what I am doing to (hopefully) slow down (beauty) time.

I will be turning 40 in March 2020, and while that sounds like a date from a sci-fi movie it really isn’t that far away. In fact it’s just 19 months, 84 weeks, 586 days 14064 hours…..you get the idea! Until this year it hasn’t really been on my mind very much, and I don’t know why this has changed but it has and I still cannot believe I am not still in my 20’s!

Life seems to have passed by so quickly, I can remember coming up to 30 and thinking wow now I have to be a grown up I’m going to be 30. But 40? I am pretty much almost half way through my life, it doesn’t seem real. I’m not ready.

Another reason I am not feeling this next milestone is because there are more and more signs of ageing which I am not loving. Wrinkles and grey hair being the most obvious. I mean I have had a few grey hairs for a while – actually I skipped grey hair and went straight to white! Even worse! – but they were just one or 2 here and there, now they are everywhere. I have coloured my hair for as long as I can remember but its becoming a necessity rather than a choice these days as I continue to cover the greys. Wrinkles. Need I say more? Probably not but I’m going to. I don’t suppose they would be classed as wrinkles but more like fine lines, around my eyes, but I am very conscious of them now, and the pigmentation I have on my cheekbones. The pigmentation is my own fault as I have always been a sun lover, and also a sunbed user but it makes me think of the term “liver spots” which I hate! They are hard to cover with make-up as they then look grey, and I am not a big fan of full coverage make-up. So I am seriously thinking about having laser treatments to reduce the appearance of these, after my holiday though. I have bought some factor 110 sun lotion for my face hoping that it doesn’t get worse. The lotion I got is Neutrogena Age Shield Face Spf 110 Lotion, available at www.neutrogena.com/sun/sun-adult/sun-adult-lotions or www.amazon.co.uk and other sites. I am going to take before and after pics to see if it has helped at all. I have changed my beauty routine aswell and will talk about that in another post. To soften the blow slightly my friends and I are planning a girls trip to celebrate together. There will be 9 of us in total and I'm sure I don't need to add how hard it is when you all have busy lives, how difficult it is to spend quality girl time together. Now we just have to decide the destination......Vegas? Dubai? Mexico? Caribbean? So many amazing choice. Let me know if you have any recommendations.

Thanks for reading, any tips for slowing down the beauty clock let me know!


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