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Product Review - Maybelline Tattoo Brow

I usually get my brows tinted by a beauty therapist but I had weekend plans and didn’t have any time to get myself booked in. So decided to try the Maybelline Brow Tattoo. I was both nervous and skeptical – nervous because I thought the product might rip all my brow hairs out when I peeled off! And skeptical because I have very dark, almost black brows and I wasn’t sure if this product would even have a visible result.

So step one – paint on to brows in desired shape. Leave for up to 2 hours for results that last up to 3 days. So of course I went with 2 hours. Longest 2 hours ever!

Step two – peel product off. Here is where I got a bit panicky. But there was no need for panic or nervousness this product peeled off so easily I couldn’t quite believe it! It was a fast and clean removal, no little sticky bits of residue left at all.

Step three – show off result to friends! They were very impressed.

I really loved this product because it was quick and fairly easy to apply, when I went a bit wide of my brows I just cleaned excess away with a cotton bud. The 2 hour wait was pretty long but I was just at home pottering around so no big deal, and you don’t have to leave on for this long, you can leave on for as little as 15? Minutes, but the results will not last as long. (I have yet to test this, but will do soon). Easy and clean to apply and a great result. What’s not to love!


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