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Noughty and Nexxus Review

I recently bought the Latest in Beauty Spring Heroes 2019 beauty box and two of the products included were the Noughty Intensive Care Leave-in Conditioner and Nexxus Nutritive Encapsulate Serum for dry and damaged hair. My hair is 100% dry and damaged as I have been colouring and bleaching it for quite a few years now.

My usual go-to products to keep my hair in tip top condition are TIGI Honey and Oatmeal Shampoo and Conditioner (from £14.87 for the 750ml duo set available at www.amazon .co.uk and other retailers), Redken Extreme Cat Protein Reconstructing Treatment (£13.50 available from www.lookfantastic.com and other retailers) and Redken Extreme Anti-Snap Treatment (£14.25 available from www.lookfantastic.com and other retailers). I also use Percy & Reed Smooth Sealed & Sensational No Oil Oil for thick hair (£15 available from www.percyandreed.com and other retailers) and Schwarzkopf Guardian Angel 220 Heat Protection Spray (from £3 available at www.superdrug.com and other retailers).

Why did I start using these products? Well when my hair started to feel and look like candy floss I knew I needed to do something quick or end up getting a good chunk cut off the length of my hair. My amazing friend Mrs B recommended the Redken products and in fact gave me both of them to try out and I just haven't looked back! I did get a really good trim to take of the really damaged and dead hair on the ends, and I also upgraded my ancient hairdryer and invested in a Dyson Supersonic hairdryer (from £299.99 available at www.dyson.co.uk/hair-care and other retailers), which although a big expense is totally worth every penny! I already used the Percy and Reed Oil (60ml £15/15ml £6 available from www.percyandreed.com and other retailers) every now and then more as a treatment, but now I use it every time I do my hair. The heat protect spray is a new addition and while I don't use it all the time, I also don't notice a difference between when I do use it and when I don't. Admittedly I don't use heated tools on my hair all the time, only my hairdryer most times, and I actually only wash and dry my hair 1-2 times per week. Some of you will probably think yuck! but my hair really doesn't need more than that and is more manageable and in better condition this way, so I think this combined with all these products keeps me on track - my hair is soft, silky and in beautiful condition.

In all honesty I haven't even looked at other hair products since I started using the Redken, but when I saw these in my LIB Spring Heroes box I wanted to give them a try and compare them to my usuals. I used my normal shampoo - Tigi Honey and Oatmeal Shampoo - and then I stuck to using my Redken Extreme Cat treatment. After this is towel dried my hair a bit (I just left it wrapped in a towel for 15 mins, I dont like to rub my hair with a towel as it leaves it matted and ratty), then started to brush through my hair but realised pretty quickly that because I didn't use conditioner when washing my hair I would not be able to get the brush through it! So I applied the Noughty Leave-in Conditioner evenly to lengths and ends, leaving the roots and brushed hair through. Once this was applied and worked in to the hair I used 8 pumps of the Nexxus Nutritive Serum and worked this through lengths and ends, brushing through evenly.

I then blow-dried my hair as normal, using my Tangle Teaser Blow Drying Smoothing Tool full size (£20 available at www.asos.com and other retailers) and Dyson Supersonic.

The conditioner is quite thick and has a lovely smell, it is easy to work in to my long thick hair.

The serum claims to deliver intense moisture without weighing hair down, and I agree with this - it melts away to nothing quickly and hair doesn't feel heavy. However 4-8 pumps for long hair seems a lot and would put me off using this serum all the time as at £24.99 for 60ml it seems on the pricey side, and I would go through it pretty quickly. I used 8 pumps this time, I will try it with fewer next time but i think less than 5 would not be beneficial so still seems a lot to me.

The first thing I noticed as I was drying my hair was that it felt quite knotty toward the ends as it started to dry off, which doesn't happen with my normal routine, and I try to avoid my hair tangling while partly dry as I feel it gets more damage like this.

Once my hair was totally dry I found that it was not as smooth, soft and silky to the touch as it usually is and although I kept the conditioner to the lengths rather than the roots I felt the roots did not have as much volume as usual.

I will try both products again - using smaller amounts and see if this makes a difference to how my hair feels after drying.

I tried both products for the second time, I followed my normal shampoo and extreme cat treatment routine. Then I used a smaller amount of the Noughty Leave In Conditioner than last time and half the amount (4 pumps) of the Nexxus treatment. I blow dried my hair as normal, and did not apply my usual Percy & Reed Hair Oil. Again I was not happy with the final result after using these products again! My hair was still lank, limp and felt horrible, there was no shine and my hair just looked dull, and definitely not like I had just washed it!

So round three! This is my third and final try of these products and I actually decided to leave out the conditioner all together as I thought this might be the reason my hair was lank and lifeless. So I shampooed and used extreme cat as usual, then used 4 pumps of the Nexxus treatment and I also used 2 pumps of my Percy & Reed Hair Oil. Now I have to say there is a vast improvement to the feel and look of my hair after not using the leave in conditioner so I guess this just is not for me. I don't dislike the Nexxus product but again my hair is not as soft, silky and shiny as when I use my normal products. So although this is not bad for my hair I just prefer my go-to Redken/Percy & Reed combo.

I don't want either product to go to waste though so shall pass them on to friends/family.

Thank you for reading my blog, I hope you have enjoyed it and maybe give some of the products mentioned a try!

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