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It's Been a While.....

So it has been quite a while since my last blog. This is not because I have lost interest or do not want to keep adding content for you all. It is in fact because in May we lost my amazing Nan, so suddenly, and it has really taken some time to get my head and my heart around the fact that she is not here anymore, arrange a funeral that she would be proud of and that would honour her in the way that she deserved and also begin to grieve and heal.

This is not a blog about grief and how to deal with it as I am not qualified in the slightest to do that and really everyone deals with things in their own way. This is just to say I am still here and am still creating content for this blog that I think and hope you will love - just that it is taking me a bit longer to do it at the moment. I appreciate all the support from my family and friends and am looking forward to getting back to doing this blog, because I really do love it. I just need my head and heart to be in the right place.

So watch this space....new posts on their way!

In the meantime please do go and check out and follow me over on IG @whatsallydid for more frequent updates, posts, etc and also check out my videos and subscribe to my YT channel What Sally Did Blog (which also is in need of some attention at the moment unfortunately!)

I know you all understand that my mental and emotional health is really important for me and how I look after my family so this time out was much needed.


#timeout #mentalhealth #wellbeing

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