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I love food...But does it love me?

I really do enjoy my food. I am not the type of person who would normally choose a salad over a burger. And crisps! Oh how I love crisps, I don't think I've met one I don't like! But I have paid the price for those decisions. My weight definitely isn't where I feel comfortable. I think I will blame that on my hubby! Its a classic case of being comfortable. When we met 6 years ago I had just gone through 18 months of getting healthy, fit and strong and making better decisions food wise. Then as is the way with many new couples we enjoyed (and still do!) eating out a lot and then eating in, making nice meals having lazy take aways, always with wine, and the weight just crept on and on for both of us. I do find that the older I am getting the harder it is to lose the extra pounds (stones) but I have been fully back on track for a few months now. Healthy food choices and regular exercise. No diets here, just healthy living and life changes.

My husband bet me that I couldn't give up crisps for a week. I am now coming up to 8 weeks with no crisps! And I also added no pastry to that. So I have def won this one!

I have had IBS for around 3 years now, maybe a bit more, and it does limit what I can eat. Or should do, for example I know that pizza is one of the worst triggers for me but it is also my fave takeaway so I will eat it but I know that I will suffer afterwards. Although I actually can't remember the last time I ate pizza!

I have had acupuncture which helped a little but really the only way I can control the unpleasant painful symptoms is through my diet.

Unfortunately its not just unhealthy fatty carb loaded foods that set off my IBS, it is also triggered by spicy food, broccoli and lettuce being some healthy options that I steer clear of.

Tea and coffee are also no-go's for me, these days I stick to green tea which I love, especially iced green tea.

Protein and meal replacement shakes also give me very bad symptoms which is annoying as I like to add protein shakes to my diet when I am doing a lot of working out. Around 2 months ago I tried a vegan protein shake and that really didn't agree with me and also tasted disgusting! I have tried meal replacement shakes and they set me off as well, even gluten free options. So I eat a lot of eggs or chicken to get my protein in after a work out.

It does make eating out difficult for me as I always want what I can't have, I just have to make the choice on whether or not it will be worth the pain and discomfort afterwards.

Last night I went for a meal with friends and there wasn't much on the menu that I fancied eating so I had a salad with added steak but minus the lettuce and tortilla's, and a side of salt & pepper squid. I'm not sure if it was the squid or the black beans from the salad but within an hour my stomach was starting to bloat and I had some mild discomfort that night and the next morning. So yeah, not always easy to pick the right thing.

I don't let it stop me too much though, I still want to enjoy life fully and to me that means including food!

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