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Holiday Essentials

Get yourself a cuppa and a biscuit or two for this one it's quite long!

L-R Cable Tidy, Water Spray/Fans, Extension Lead, Trtl Neck Support, Waterproof Bags, Inflatable Footrests, Rash Vest, Hawaiian Tropic After Sun, Coke Bottle Stash, Malibu Scalp Protector, Sea Band, Monopoly, Shark Banz, Hair Brush Stash

We’re off to California soon, did I already mention that?! 16 days and counting!! So as I mentioned in my Countdown to Cali post I recently did a huge order at www.Amazon.co.uk some of it absolutely necessary some of it not so much. I’m hoping the rest of my essentials turn up before we go, I do have Amazon Prime so most things have arrived already. These are the things I ordered:

~ Neutrogena Age Shield Face Spf 110 Lotion (Oil Free) 3oz £6.34As I mentioned in my The Big 4-0 Coming up Fast post I am making a concerted effort to protect my skin against further sun damage and pigmentation.

~ 1 Allure Bath Fashions Extra Large Beach Towel XL Star Jaquard Beach Towel in Navy/White £10.00

This is for my husband Nick, he wasn’t keen on the round beach blankets that I ordered for myself and Gracie.

~ 2 Beach Towel Clode 150cm Bohemiam Round Tapestry Beach Picnic Yoga Mat Towel Blanket £5.69 each

For me and Gracie.

~ Malibu Scalp Protector with SPF50 50ml £5.39

Its pretty hot in Southern California and las Vegas at the moment (mid to late 30’s in Cali late 30’s-40’s in Vegas) and so I thought it would be a good idea to purchase this, Nick has pretty short hair and if Gracie or I have plaits then our scalps will need some protection if we don’t have a hat on.

~ Travel Adapter USA Travel Adaptor Multi Plug Safe Extension Lead Four Inputs 2 USB inputs Ultra Compact £19.99

We all know that plug sockets are few and far between in hotel rooms so I got this extension lead with a US plug but UK plug inputs, plus 2 USB ports, so we will have plenty of spare plug points for hairdryer, iron, charging phones, ipads and camera.

~ Tec UK 2 x UK to US Travel Adaptor suitable USA, Canada, Australia, Mexico, Thailand £4.79

These are back ups/spares.

~ Hasbro Monopoly Grab and Go Game £5.11

The flight is around 11 hours, and although we have the in-flight entertainment I though Gracie would like this as she enjoys playing Monopoly and it might help pass some time.

~ Hawaiian Tropic Aftersun Body Butter Exotic Coconut £5

I wish you could smell this through the screen it is divine! And just makes me think of holidays when I smell it. I usually use Banana Boat Aloe Vera Gel and still have a big bottle that I will take for Nick and Gracie – but I am sure Gracie will want to use the Hawaian Tropic!

~ Waterproof Case (2pack) Mpow IPX8 Watertight Sealed Underwater Dry Bag with Lanyard for Iphone 7/6s/ 7/6 plus £6.89

I bought one of these for my holiday last year and didn’t use it, but I thought as we will be spending quite a lot of time on beaches these would be good for keeping sand out of our phones, even in beach bags, that pesky sand gets everywhere!

~ Sea Band Wrist Band Drug Free Nausea Relief £7.82

This is for me, I suffer with pretty bad sea sickness and travel sickness, really hoping this works for our whale watching trip.

~ 2 Inflatable Kids Travel Pillow for Expanded Airplane Leg Rest £14.99

I suffer with really bad swollen feet and ankles whenever I fly, no matter if it’s a quick flight like Barcelona or a long flight to Dominican. I do wear flight socks which help a small amount, but when I saw these I thought they might help keep my feet elevated for some of the very long flight. I also got one for Gracie as she may be able to lay back with her feet up a bit even if her legs are bent and she can sleep more comfortably. I did have to check with our airline (Norwegian) if they allowed these on board and they confirmed that as long as they are deflated during take-off and landing they are fine. So if you are planning on getting these do check with your airline first.

~ Trtl Pillow – Scientifically Proven Super Soft Neck Support Travel Pillow £24.95

I suffer with chronic neck pain, which I have just found out is partly due to osteoarthritis (more about this on another post) and it is really hard for me to get comfortable at the best of times let alone on a plane! I did look at a lot of different cushions but this one had the best reviews. I tried it when it arrived and actually it is brilliant as it holds your head up with a support inside the fabric. More to come on this after my flight!

~ Sharkbanz Magnetic Shark Repellent Band Aure £39.90

I ordered this for Gracie as she has all of a sudden decided she doesn’t want to do much in the sea – she no longer wants to do surf lessons or paddle boarding as she is worried there will be a lot of sharks. She does want to go swimming the sea and do some skim boarding but only wants to stay in shallow water, and she asked for one of these. I don’t want her holiday ruined because she is too scared to go in the sea as she actually loves the beach/sea so for her peace of mind this was worth every penny. It had some good reviews but I hope we don’t need to test it out.

~ 2 PetHot Unisex Mirrored Sunglasses Oversized Aviator Reflective Pink & Grey £4.19 each

These don’t appear to offer sun protection but I really liked them, so will wear them sparingly.

~ 2 Swiftswan Hairbrush Secret Hidden Diversion, Safe Stash £5.72 each

We got these after doing some research online about hiding money on holiday! We don’t want to carry lots of cash around with us every day so these seemed a good idea.

~ Coke Cola Bottle Safe Stash 20 fl oz £19.99

Same with this bottle, they are good to hide money in our room but also in our backpack/bag when we go out.

~ Gul Girls Rash Vest Top Short Sleeve Available Ages 7-13 Black 11-12(LG) £11.99

This is for Gracie, for when she does skim boarding with Nick. He bought his from Decathlon sport shop.

~ 2 Pink Water Sprayer with Mini Fan £2.99

These I bought on a whim really. But they are actually quite good. The fan is battery operated and so when you have the fan on and the spray the bottle it mists your face/body! And the fan detaches so you can use that on its own. The I guess the spray bottle could double up as a hair srpay. What a bargain. These did come in other colours.

~ SureSecure RFID & NFC Blocking Credit Card Protector Sleeve for Wallet Purses Phone Cases Pack of 10 £5.46

You can’t be too careful! I got a big pack but not sure how durable they are so we have spares.

~ Visenta Cable Organiser Case Portable Case Easy Universal Carry Travel Organiser bag £6.99

This is a must for all the charger cables, headphone cables, speaker cable….you get the idea. I like things to be in one place and easy to access.

This is a big list of essentials and doesn’t even include sun lotion, toiletries, first aid kit……However I do think we will use it all, and most of it we can pack away in a “holiday box” ready for next year, so an investment.

Other holiday essentials, some of which I have yet to buy are the obvious ones:

~ Sun Lotion

We don’t tend to stick to any one brand but we look for UVA & UVB or full spectrum protection, whichever brand has the best deal at the time.

~ Shampoo and conditioner

I use Provoke Touch of Silver Brightening Shampoo and Conditioner to keep the brassiness out of my bleached and silver-grey hair. I also use TIGI Oat & Honey Shampoo & Conditioner, it smells heavenly and makes my hair shiny and thick.

~ Shower gel

Any one will usually do for me and Gracie. Nick buys Nivea for men shower gel ususally.

~ Toothbrush and toothpaste

We have just started using Beverly Hills Formula Activated Charcoal toothpaste. I have read some good reviews on this. We’ve only been using it for a few days so nothing report on yet.

~ Hair treatment

I use different treatments but I think the easiest one to take will be my Percy & Reed Wonder Overnight Recovery Balm, as it’s in a tube and my Kerastase is in a tub.

~ Face masks

I have been stocking up as I want to keep my face hydrated and glowing! I recently bought Summer Fridays Jet Lag mask which is really nice and you can rub the excess product into your skin when the timer is up. Among others I picked up some of the Garnier Skin Active Moisture Bomb Eye Tissue Mask with Orange Juice and Hyaluronic Acid and also the Coconut and Hyaluronic Acid one. I have used the Moisture Bomb tissue face masks and they are amazing so I have high hopes for these. I am planning on trying one of the towards the end of my flight.

~ Skin Care

Undecided yet! I usually use a rose serum and moisturizer day and night as basic skin care but I have just ordered some Clinique bits so I will decide nearer the time on these and a face wash.

~ Make-up

Too much to list! Primer, foundation, eye palettes, brow products, lippie, contour, highlight, concealer etc etc etc. I will do a post when I am packing up my make-up.

~ Hair styling products.

I swear by Schwarzkopf Silhouette hairspray in the black can, it is brilliant stuff. I also use Percy & Reed Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Treatment Oil+. This can be used as either a treatment or a styling product and is great with my very dry damaged hair, I have put some more info on this in my Weekly Recommendations blog. I will also be taking my Percy & Reed Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Balm.

We only have 20kgs each for our hold luggage! I may need to book an extra bag...


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