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Holiday Beauty Prep

It is not easy being a girl and having to prep for a holiday. I need to get my hair done, get waxed, have my brows tinted, eyelash extensions, pedicure and get nails done. My husband gets his hair cut. Thats it. So not fair.

We go on holiday next week and I had my hair booked in Thursday, pedicure Friday, SNS nails Saturday, brows and lashes Sunday and waxing Monday.

My best friend is also my hairdresser and always does an amazing job on my hair. I will be having a minimal trim and my colour (dark roots, silver over the rest). For the flight I think I will do two full length dutch braids so it stays neat and tidy for such a long day/night.

Gracie also needs her hair done, we have bought L'Oreal Colorista Washout Semi-Permanent Hair Dye in Turquoise. We will put this throughout low lengths and ends.

Friday was Pedi day. I went with my girls Mia and Gracie, although Mia isn't coming on holiday I thought it would be nice if she got her nails done with us. She does't like people touching her feet so she had her nails done instead. I needed a pedi for sooo long! It was bliss. I went for on my toes, Gracie had on hers and Mia had on her nails. Was a lovely bit of girl time. Followed that evening by a nice dinner at celebrating Mia's GCSE results - PROUD MUM ALERT!!

Saturday Gracie and I went to get our nails done. Last time I had SNS and I loved them, they are not as thick as full acrylic nails and so I found it easier to do things like typing, picking things up etc. I went for the bright orange with a subtle sparkle that I had last time as it is such a great holiday colour.

Gracie went for SNS nails. She previously had acrylics but I pointed her in this direction as I think they are nicer.

Sunday Gracie had her brows tidied and I had brow tint and shape, waxing and lash extensions. I love lash extensions for holiday as it means I don't have to worry about mascara and strip lashes, I especially like not having to wear mascara during days out but not looking half asleep without good lashes! A friend of mine who is a beauty therapist does all of this for me and she is great, the lashes are full and eye-catching.

One last thing I will do before we arrive at LAX is use a sheet mask on the plane to keep my skin hydrated after being in the re-circulated air environment of the plane. I have a few that I am taking with me but I will probably use a Garnier Moisture Bomb sheet mask.

And there we have it, Holiday Beauty Prep! Can't wait to get there now.


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