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Back to Reality.....with a bump

Wow, what an amazing holiday we had! California was just a dream. We went to so fab places and saw some amazing (I'm going to use that word a lot when talking about our holiday!) things. I will be posting a separate holiday blog!

Coming home and back to reality was not nice. And let me tell you, the jet lag was real. Oh lord it has taken me almost a week to get back to normal. The jet lag while we were in America was bad for a couple of nights but nothing compared to back home. A friend of mine suggested 3mg of Melatonin whilst we were away, so I got some of those and they were really helpful (thanks Bekki!). Luckily I had booked the 2 days after holiday off of work to get myself sorted with the boring stuff (washing, cleaning etc) but poor Gracie was back at school the day after we landed. She was awake at 1.30am and didn't get back to sleep then was at school all day. I don't know how she did it, but she did sleep in until mid-day the next day (Saturday).

Unfortunately my husband hurt his leg on holiday, during the end of the first week. He couldn't drive for the second week and could not sit down for the majority of the 10 hour flight home. The crew did their best to accommodate him but at one point the turbulence was bad enough that even they had to sit down. He really was in a bad way. He thought he had got a cramp that was just not going, and every time he sat down it just went and he was in excruciating pain.

Since we got home a week ago he has been to a Chinese medicine place locally and had cupping, acupuncture and acupressure massage 4 times which didn't really help. He has been having hot baths and using heat pads which did help alleviate some of the pain. Mostly he has been resting, he cant drive or sit on a chair as this sets it off again! He isn't registered at a doctors as he never goes and didn't get round to doing it when he moved in, so he managed to see one locally without being registered and they sent him straight to A&E with a suspected blood clot. Well I freaked out! We sat in A&E for 5 hours! it was painfully slow, they were extremely busy but the staff were unnecessarily rude, the system was not clear and they have moved A&E to a temporary "hut" which was small, cramped and did not seem fit for purpose. We understand the NHS is under tremendous strain, but that is no need for such rudeness from staff, especially reception staff! The annoying thing is my hubby quite possibly has private health cover through work but hasn't ever looked in to it properly! He will now!

Anyway after waiting around 3 hours he was seen by a doctor, who was not in the least interested in what he had to say and just basically said if GP has requested a scan then thats what he can have. Another hour later, up he went for a scan. No blood clot, thankfully! I was so worried. But we still don't know what is wrong. Another hour passed and he saw the same doctor who gave him a print out of scan result and notes from his visit - he (the doctor) had put the wrong part of the body and the wrong problem! Just adding to Nick's dissatisfaction with the attitude of the doctor in the first place. He was given some codeine based tablets and a scribbled over A&E report and sent on his way.

Hubby possibly has a tear in a muscle at the back of his thigh, but really we have no idea. A muscle injury of some sort seems to be the answer from A&E. So its back to the doctor today to see if there is anything more they can do. He hasn't been back to work since we returned from holiday and doesn't get paid sick pay so fingers crossed he is able to start driving next week!

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