About Me

Hi there! 

I am Sally, a 30 something (nearly 40!) wife and mum of 2 girls who has taken the plunge and decided to start this blog. This has been on my mind for a while now and the one thing that kept stopping me was - what on earth would I blog about that other people would find interesting?! Well the answer to that is I will never know until I just go ahead a try it. I take huge inspiration from other bloggers, vloggers, instagrammers and it really gives me courage to go ahead and share my life, stories etc.

So follow me along on my journey as I edge ever closer to the big 4-0, trying out different ways to slow the beauty clock! 

Follow me as I travel with my family and friends, road trips, girls holidays etc.

I am also going to blog about everyday life and share my experiences with different products, how I am getting on in my healthy living life change. And that is what it is - a life change - no more diets for the "summer body", myself and my husband need to make these changes for the long-term, and be a good influence on each other and our family.

This blog is new to me so I am sure there will be changes along the way!

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